About Us


Beginnings: Onsite Reflexology was founded by Lucky in 2015. From a very young age Lucky had keen interest in health and wellness. Lucky learned advanced study in foot reflexology from Pacific Institute ofReflexology from Chris Shirley. After completing the study Lucky became an approved member of Reflexology Association of British Columbia. Currently Lucky strives to educate the world on Reflexology via Social media, his popular blog and by other media means. Following are some of the other qualifications:



  • Indian Head Massage – Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage
  • Intro Swedish Massage – Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage
  • Healing Touch Level 2 – Healing Touch International
  • Aromatherapy (In Training) – JoyEssence




Mission: The mission of Onsite Reflexology Ltd. is to provide a healing and relaxing experience. Our clients experience a very personalized and customized Reflexology session, one client at a time. This allows us to create an exclusive session for you. Reflexology is always blended with high grade essential oils to create aromatic experience for the senses.



Vision: Onsite Reflexology intends to become a recognized brand in luxury sector of wellness industry. The firm plans to develop a unique practice that blends reflexology and aromatherapy to serve its clients.



  • Superior Performance: We value to keep our performance top quality by continuously learning about new developments in the world of Reflexology and wellness practices.
  • Cleanliness: Being in a Spa business cleanliness is our top priority. Our linens get changes after every single session, guaranteed.
  • Exclusivity: We take pride in being able to provide our clients the exclusive and luxurious service they deserve.
  • Honor: We honor our client’s well-being by being at their service and providing guidance for healthy living whenever possible.